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Axle Pad Scales

Most people overlook the importance of buying rare industrial tools like axle pad scales. Businesses with a heavy emphasis on weights should always have an axle pad system to weigh vehicles for accurate readings. A company that relies on day-to-day weighing equipment needs will benefit from the commercial use of new equipment.

What are axle weight scales?

Weigh pad scales determine the individual and total gross weights for different vehicles. The system helps ensure the car is within the right weight limits for your particular region of travel. Our scales benefit businesses and all other involved parties in the following ways.

Benefits of our axle pad scales


Axle weight scales are cost-effective and portable for vehicles of different weights, shapes, and sizes. They give individual wheel weights and accumulate the lorry, car, van, or trailer’s total weight. 

Protect the car

It is easy to overload a commercial car while trying to meet all logistics and shipping demands. The result of consistent overloading is gradual wear and tear and an unfair advantage to drivers due to the illegality. It is worth using axle pad scales that individualize the axle weight to stay within the proper legal compliance. We have scales of different features and benefits so you can benefit from specific technical aspects.


We design our pad scales with considerate sizes to weigh different sizes of vehicles. These scales’ height allows one to drive the car right onto the axle without needing ramps and jacking up the car. The axle weight pads are small and light only to take up minimal space for goods and cargo.


The capacity of the axle pad is essential while choosing the axle system. We recommend that you select a degree that suits the car to prevent permanent damage. The right capacity will also allow detection of even weight distribution; hence it maximizes accuracy.


It is disadvantageous always to trail a power cord to the scale every time you need to weigh. It is also not convenient to spend a larger part of your business time charging the system. Our scales have a durable battery charge for you to make the most of the investment.

Contaminant protection

It would be nice if you only lived in a country with favorably dry conditions to prevent damage to the axle pad scales. However, Massload eases this function so you can keep up operations in the worst-case scenario. The standard wheel axle pad scale waterproofing begins at IP 54. The wheel pad scales have an IP of 66, making them resistant to dust and strong water jets.

It is a punishable offense for the vehicle to exceed a maximum weight. These consequences cause financial penalties that prevent one from making subsequent advances in business.

The main reason to buy our axle pad scale is to assure a high quality that will last long while ensuring the best performance standard. Make the smart choice today by calling 1-800-667-3825 to make an inquiry or an order of any axle scale pad.


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