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Powder Coating A Trailer

Are our powder coating colours worth the investment? Many people cannot return to the traditional paint job after they experience the aesthetic and functional difference of custom powder colours.

Small and large pieces have reasonable pricing for powder coating applications, especially when it lasts longer and looks much better than traditional paint. Powder coating is efficient as it has smooth finishing results and can produce unique-looking colour patterns. The following breakdown should help you understand the difference between powder and regular painting, how we produce better results with a lot more advantages and whether you should buy powder coating online.

Comparison Between Powder Coating And Normal Paint And Why You Should Shop For Powder Coating Colors

multi-colour Effects

Multi-colour powder coating uses a variety of colours to produce highly unique hues and finishes. The individual colours can be mixed into one large blend, or we can add every single one as a separate layer on the metal surface.

Powder coating has a straightforward process of achieving this blend while using the right amount of colour each time. You should use powder coating if you want a speckled finish that will look better and last longer than regular paint. 

Special Effects

It is practically impossible to produce distinct and striking colour effects using ordinary paint because the products are not made for that purpose. Liquid paint has many limitations regarding the hues available, and you would be taking a long-short trying to create a metallic holographic hue.

Powder coating is intriguingly beautiful because it can portray a prism of colours for all styles. We have spent more than two decades working on different special effects and now offer hundreds of finishes and colours to meet all of our clients’ coating needs.

Painting Process

Wet painters have a more challenging time creating a colour, and they will use multiple layers to produce the results achievable with one powder coating layer. Unlike wet paint, powder coating has a richer effect on a surface, and there is no need to paint more than is necessary,

Custom colour powder coating matches powders and applications that use more than one layer, but the process is still shorter and more accessible than if you were to do the same with wet paint. Wet paint will take more work to produce a smoother and consistent result, whereas powder coating is generally smoother even when creating veining or texturized patterns.


How long would it take for powder coating to begin fading or peeling? Typically, these powders will last longer because the particles have a more vital adherence to the metal surface.

Wet paint peels and fades after a couple of years, or even sooner if you used the wrong technique for specific materials. We do a fantastic job of making sure your paint has desirable special effects and that the custom technique we use will last a long time.

Have you used any specialized coating products for impressive custom looks? Contact us for consultation on a high-quality powder coat or price estimate for the entire project of powder coating a trailer.

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Powder Coating A Trailer

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