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Premium Powder Coating is the only custom coater in Colorado that does in-house media blasting. We have a 20′ x 15′ x 40′ blast room on-site that can run steel grit for media with reclaim augers in the floor for recycled usage. We’re able to reclaim media over 2,000 times, which equals cost savings for you.

Our second blast room is 15′ x 11′ x 30′ and is designed for multiple media (two separate reclaim systems). This room is used for garnet, aluminum oxide, glass bead, and plastic. We can also strip plastic and wood parts here.

In addition to our two blast rooms, we have two high pressure 4′ x 4′ blast cabinets. Generally, one machine is loaded with plastic while the other contains glass bead, both of which are great for stripping and blasting small parts.

Blasting media can be used for all types of projects, including:

  • Cleaning
  • Stripping
  • Etching
  • Strengthening
  • Polishing

Common Blasting Media

  • Aluminum oxide – The most widely used abrasive in blast finishing and surface preparation. Can be recycled many times
  • Crushed glass grit – Allows for aggressive surface profiling and the removal of coatings and surface contamination. Nontoxic and inert
  • Glass beads – Manufactured from lead-free, soda lime-type glass. Contains no free silica and produces a smooth finish
  • Silicon carbide – The hardest blasting media available. Ideal for the etching of glass or stone
  • Plastic abrasive – Available in a variety of types and delivers quick stripping rate and consistent performance.
  • Pumice – A light, natural mineral that is used chiefly as a mild abrasive. Pumice is ideal for less aggressive operations
  • Steel shot – A popular method for cleaning, stripping, and improving a metal surface
  • Steel grit – High-demand, aggressive applications are ideal for steel grit. Perfect for creating an etched surface on metal
  • Corn cob – An organic, soft blasting grit that is safe for delicate parts and soft substrates. Great for log homes and other wood surfaces
  • Walnut shell – used for applications that require aggressive stripping or cleaning without damage or effect on the underlying substrate. Organic and biodegradable

    Media blasting, also known as sandblasting, is a process in which an abrasive material such as sand, baking soda, steel shot or glass beads is blasted at high pressure against a surface in order to remove rust, paint, contaminants, and other unwanted materials. The abrasive material is propelled by compressed air or by a centrifugal wheel. Media blasting is used in a variety of industries including automotive, construction, and marine. It is an effective way to prepare a surface for a new coating or finish.

    Media blasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is a process used to remove unwanted materials from a surface using a high-pressure stream of air, water, or an abrasive material. Common materials used for media blasting include:

    • Glass Beads
    • Aluminum Oxide
    • Garnet
    • Walnut Shells
    • Corn Cob
    • Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
    • Crushed Glass
    • Steel Grit
    • Plastic Media

    1. Media blasting is an effective and efficient way to clean and prepare surfaces for painting or coating.
    2. It is able to remove paint, rust, scale, and other debris from a wide variety of surfaces without damaging the underlying material.
    3. It can be used to smooth and shape the surface of the material being blasted.
    4. It is environmentally friendly and does not cause any pollutants or hazardous waste.
    5. It is a cost effective method of surface preparation that eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals or other potentially hazardous materials.
    6. It is a relatively fast process that can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to complete the same job using manual methods.

    Media blasting can be used on a variety of surfaces including metal, concrete, brick, stone, and glass.

    The amount of time it takes to Media Blast a surface depends on the size of the surface, the type of abrasive material used, and the amount of surface area that needs to be blasted. Generally, it takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to Media Blast a surface.


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