Our Cutting-Edge Facility Was Designed Just For Coating Projects

We are the largest powder coating facility in the state offering a lot of benefits. Completely gated, we have a drive through loading zone that makes every project quick and convenient. Once you’re checked in at our office, you’ll be able to drive through our shop to get unloaded.

We have three forklifts (up to 10,000 lbs.) and a 10-ton bridge crane for loading and unloading large and awkward parts. We also have two smaller sized bridge crane systems that are great for hanging parts on our coating racks. This process allows us to safely and remotely hang heavy parts without putting employees and forklift drivers at risk.

Additionally, you can rest assured that all your parts and equipment will be safely stored in our facility before and after the coating process.

In-House Media Blasting

Before your parts can be coated, they may need to go through a media blasting process. Premium Powder Coating has two large blast rooms and two high-pressure blast cabinets, all of which are specifically designed with reclaim augers so that the media can be recycled and reused. Take a look at our media blasting page for a full rundown of the process and the media we use.


Discharge Coater

Call Premium Powder Coating to find out exactly what powder we have in stock.